Solo for a Body

I roll backwards slowly and constantly throughout the piece, interrupted by a series of actions that suggest desire, power and failure. These include: posing in front of a theatre lamp; banging my head into the way; falling into a leg split. The rolling continues in between each and I eventually roll out of my clothes to full nudity. I activate further poses including inverted crucifix; rolled into a ball; archetypical female muse; walking on tip toes. The tasks in between invite failure, collapse, exhaustion and my skin visibly reddens under the exertion. I aim to disrupt a smooth reading of the (young, white and cisgendered) female body on display, in the spirit of Peggy Phalen’s call to make counterfeit the currency (of women) in the representational economy.

Laurie Grove Studios, Laban postgraduate showcase, 20.7.18