Resolution @ The Place, 21.2.2017

a dance/film collaboration with Ben Saffer

The final piece begins brilliantly, with dancer and choreographer Alice Weber on stage and a film of her projected behind. The real and projected Alice, in the same white dress, perform a silent duet – sometimes synchronised, sometimes not – and it’s incredibly effective. She’s trying to find herself – her performing self – and her movement is weighted and off-balance with gorgeous hyperextensions. But the sequences are also halting and unpolished, as if she’s rehearsing or testing things out, which is quite beautiful in its freedom. As the music comes in, the pace and energy build and the two Alices fall in sync, windmilling their arms together.

- Samantha Whitaker,

Becoming one with her filmed environment, Weber evokes a healing presence, and when the flowers begin to close up she yields to their impulse and folds into herself.

- Nicholas Minns,