Research artist at Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Rome | Jan-Mar 2018

Agency : Speculative Bodies

Choreographer and teacher to students of Ramallah Sarreyet, Palestine

A choreographic lecture-workshop series with five Palestinian dancers exploring philosophical notions of agency, selfhood and body-based subjectivity. The project developed a method of movement generation based on defying habit, in conversation with body archive, to present β€˜new’ bodies and to discuss what that could mean. 

Speculative bodies is the performance outcome of the research project
Project hosted by Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Rome
OPEN STUDIO at Teatro Ruskaja 26.3.18
Performed by Hanin Khoury, Nowwar Elayyan, Rebecca Kaoud, Ramz Siam, Caezar Abumariam
Photos by Gaetano Pastore