Three channel video, 6mins.

Centro Negra, Blanca | AADK Spain.

Reflective notes:

In the second month of her residency, Alice has moved her performance-based work outside and into video. The combination of natural and virtual site has opened investigations into the inconsistencies of experience in this setting. 

The idyllic landscape and lifestyle of Blanca conjure up a romanticism that she finds fascinating yet elusive. To make sense of this, she has turned to a personal mythology of castles, princesses, fairies and giants -- finding it completely inadequate against the splendour of Blanca. The inability to fully embody place indulges her cynicism about the tropes and expectations of the contemporary female body, particularly one raised on Disney and thrust into constant, self-surveilled mediation. It is a stunted mythology, endlessly mediated and capitalised in popular culture. Against the backdrop of Blanca, thinking through such mythology is an inevitable failure. 

Playing with perspective and proportion, she troubles a smooth reading of the body with the figure of a giant, peaceful, watching woman. The triptych is a format that connotes grandeur, which her understated choreographies struggle to fulfil. Barely perceptible manipulations of time detach the work from its moorings in reality, but only enough to trouble the levels of reality themselves. Reformulating tropes of the feminine through character points to the constructs and fictions that are invested in notions of land, nature, body and woman. In this sense, taking on a mythological role does not so much hinder a 'real' experience, but exposes the notion of embodiment as already full of fictions and contradictions. 

With this inappropriate approach to making sense of the place, she raises the question: what would be appropriate? For Alice, any attempt is always melancholy, in its strangeness and failure; but this is a no less valid and real experience of natural beauty.

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