Research artist at Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Rome | Jan-Mar 2018

Agency : Speculative Bodies

Choreographer and workshop leader for Sarreyet Ramallah (Palestine)

A choreographic workshop series with five Palestinian dancers exploring notions of agency, selfhood and body-based subjectivity. I am developing a method of movement exploration based on defying habit, in conversation with body archive, to present ‘new’ bodies and to discuss that could mean. 

various untitled: elevated/handsy/self-massage/conversation

Solo Projects as part of the Biennio Coreografico

Notes: identifying some non-anatomical borders to my own body including: flexibility of my hands, edges of my capacity to balance, skin as encountered by more skin, inside opening out. 


Self massage

What were you thinking?
consideration of a most deviant, self-reflexive act: enjoying one's own body.